Crocodiles, Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve

I recently went to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, Cape York Peninsula,

Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve

on a crocodile expedition with Australia Zoo and Qld University

Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Crocodiles, Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve

11 thoughts on “Crocodiles, Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve

  1. Laurel Leismeister says:

    Thank You fo sharing your photos. I myself have post all over my facebook page to sign the petition for SaveSteve’s Place I hope that some will sign.I sad but I know Steve wouldn’t want us to be sad but it still hard.
    Thanks again

  2. Sonya Everard says:

    They tell an amazing story Russ. Thanks for sharing. The group shot with the baby has so many layers. The eye of the croc in the net hooked me. Just what was going on?

    1. Hi Sonya
      yes there are a lot of layers, here is the caption that goes with the image.
      Midday on the Wenlock River , deep in the Cape York Peninsula,Qld. Australia.
      Staff from Australia Zoo and Qld University in various stages of a crocodile capture/release programme.
      This is at the end of a process that can take up to two hours from capture to release.
      The crocodile has just been fitted with a GPS Satelite Transmitter that is attached behind the head.
      The Transmitter enables scientists to track it’s movements over twelve months and this can be viewed on Google Earth.
      The Crocodile was 10ft in length and named “Marian” to honour Prof. Craig Franklins’ Mother who died two months previously.
      Craig( pictured in blue shirt)is the Professor of Zooology at Qld University.
      Bindi Irwin(12) in top left of picture is playing with Chief Crocodile Capture Team Leader Brian Coulters’ toddler Rahni.
      Robert Irwin(6) is examining the crocodiles’ tail.
      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Marg dobson says:

    Hi russ
    I am Professor craig’s sister and I want to thank you for putting photo of “marian’ on your site. She is a tribute to our Mum who passed away in May. I know, along with my sisters, that mum was so proud of the work craig has done with Australian zoo.

    1. Hi Marg
      thanks very much for your comments. It was a real pleasure to work alongside Craig, amazing work that he is doing.
      I am going to be emailing Craig a wider selection from the Marion Series. In case you haven’t seen how the magazine ran the story here is a link.
      Kind regards

  4. Sherri M says:

    All I have to say, Russell, is WOW! You’re photos are simply stunning and illustrate the true grit and beauty of the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve and it’s amazing wildlife. Thank you so much for honoring it and the work the team of the University of Queensland and Australia Zoo are doing there. I hope you know how much your photos have made a difference in the fight to save the reserve from mining. The world thanks you!

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